To be lawyer is not only a profession, but a conviction, a way of life, a kind of service, to serve the law, the clients, and the colleagues. The basic principles of my operation since taking my oath as a lawyer, are precision, loyality, and discretion. All through my career, I have been lucky enough to try myself in many areas of law, I have had the opportunity to practice my profession in small and large law firm environments. In my current office, I am ready to provide representation in economic and civil law matters, in these special branches of law,. I undertake the preparation of documents, counseling, full scale legal representation throughout litigations and non-litigious matters before the courts and other authorities. The most important goals during my daily activities  are gaining and keeping the trust of my clients, maintaining good personal relations with them in addition to the professional solution of tasks.


Corporate law

  • establish business entity
  • preparation of changes related to operation through the company register
  • preparation of a syndicate agreement
  • internal regulations

Litigious and non-litigious procedures

  • full scale legal representation throughout litigation and non-litigious procedures before the courts and other authorities

Property law

  • Sale and Purchase Agreement
  • Lease Agreement

Employment law

  • Employment contract
  • consultation, advice in employment law disputes